Thursday, November 26, 2015

"You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it." ~ Killian Jones

Perhaps you have been following our Facebook Page and already know that we have spend a few days by the sea. Me and Paris have been enjoying the indoor swimming pool and a walk on the beach with stormy weather. That until hail started hurting our arms and legs and the beach became a thick mist of sand. We ran towards the houses and took shelter there. When we came home we enjoyed the sauna, some snacks, the pool and we cooked dinner. Except for Sunday, we decided to go out. Unfortunately on the last day I became ill, and now I'm at home. At least I feel a little better and can look back at the wonderful time we had together. We both needed some time to relax and what was better than a weekend by the sea. What do you guys do when you desperately need some time to relax?

Apples stand for health and wisdom

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Evil doesn't always look evil. Sometimes it's staring right at us and we don't even realize it" ~Regina

Today London went to my place. It was a hot day for the time off the year. So we went outside to get some lunch and good coffee. The plates were so big, that we couldn't even finish it. London had some chicken with fries and Paris had an entrecote with croquettes. "The Post" is a pretty popular place in Geel and the food and drinks are very good.
Back home we had some Gin Tonic and ate a fresh pineapple. In the morning we had an apple turnover. Yeah a lot of food today! We always try to keep it a little Once Upon A Time related. The apple turnover at least didn't curse us. We're still wide awake.
Captain Hook on the other hand, did prefer the Gin. No captain hook without alcohol.

Are there any beverages or food that you see in Once Upon A Time that you'd really like to eat? Perhaps homemade Lasagna? (not the overpriced one at Granny's.)

Into the open air

Friday, October 23, 2015

This is love, it is a distant star. Guiding us home wherever we are ~ Brave 

Hello dear readers! I, Paris, am writing now. My look is inspired on Once Upon a Time: Emma Swann. The black and white stands for the good and the bad. Emma is constantly searching for herself. I see myself in her. Constantly changing yourself. Trying to be a better person. Finding you happiness. Reflecting about why you do certain things, etc.

I'm now watching season 3, so she isn't turned into the dark Swann yet. The series are very nice! If I had the time, I would watch it all day! The whole concept is brilliant! Peter pan and Neverland is my favorite! Neverland turned into a evil place and you can't get off the island if peter doesn't want you to.

Winter is coming and that's why I'm wearing a sweater from JBC. My sister got it from a friend. She didn't like it. But I love it. It makes the outfit modern. I combined it with modern heels from asos. They are really comfortable! Asos is such a nice shop! But know my favorite! The skirt! It is a black skirt but it has such a nice pattern and it is for sale for only $5.40! Its from Dresslink. It's a cheap clothing site. But the quality is very good!  I hope you like the outfit

Skirt: Dresslink - Shoes: Asos - Sweater : JBC- Bag: forever 21